Player Piano Australian Roll Suppliers
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"Jill & Des Miller"

If you live in the Bendigo area Jill and Des Miller are selling rolls, and they will get what you want or you can select from the vast range they have in stock. Their rolls are from Mastertouch, QRS, and from other US suppliers.

Jill & Des Miller
"Muckelford Meadows"
Muckelford Rd
Maldon 3463
Phone/Fax: (03) 5472 5930
e-mail -

Mastertouch Piano Roll Co.

Mastertouch is the only producer of piano rolls here in Australia so if you wish to add to your roll collection drop them a line and they will be only too happy to send you a cataloge and put you on their mailing list.
Mastertouch Piano Roll Co.
PO Box 206
NSW 2049

Ph: 612 569-5128

fax: 612 550-0201 88 note rolls

Alternativly you can order rolls on-line from their web site.

Piano Parts Suppliers

"Brizga's Piano's"

442 Queens Pde
Clifton Hill, Vic 3068

Suppliers of all piano parts and some player piano supplies (cloth and tubing mainly).

"Parke Piano Strings & Materials"

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 340,
Turramurra 2074
Factory Address:
Unit 6/27 Forge Street,
Blacktown 2148

Ph: (02) 4496806

Fax: (02) 442247

Suppliers of all types of piano parts and the only place in Australia that you can get bass strings made.

Leather Supplies
15 Olinda Street Glen Waverly,
Melbourne 3150

Telephone: 613 560 8016

Facsimile: 613 560 5926

Rick has the best Leather supplies I have seen, with kangaroo, pouch & valve leather of top quality, and many others.

Below is the addresses of the two societies running here in Australia. If you live close to Sydney or Melbourne it is good to be part of their respective groups. Sharing common interests in Mechanical instruments with other people is good fun (and seeing their collections). Or even if your like me and live miles from anyone (Mildura) you can still recieve their newsletters and get a bit of an idea of whats happening here in Australia.

Ian Savins
19 Waipori Street
St. Ives
Norman Stallard
41 The Highway
Mt. Waverly 3149
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