Player Piano Frequently Asked Questions
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I'm always on the lookout for Ampico rolls, so please e-mail me if you know of any for sale. If your not sure what they look like then check out the full size image of an Ampico label on the restoration page

What’s my old player piano and rolls worth ? - Check this out before you e-mail me with any questions!

Differences between Player piano’s & Re-producing piano's - This answers many questions I get via e-mail, so please read this.

Restoring a Player Piano - A brief overview on the basics of player piano restoration.

For the most comprehensive supply of player piano parts in the world contact:
The Player Piano Co
704 East Douglas Wichita,
KS 67202 - 3593
Tel. 263 - 3241 Area Code 316

Books on Mechanical Musical Instruments - A list of some of the books avaliable for the enthusiast and re-builder.

The History of the piano roll and the evolution of it as explained in an article by Rob Deland.

The manufacture of Piano Rolls - An excellent description on how piano rolls were made? by Robbie Rhodes.

Ampico Rochester Factory Recollections If your a Reproducing Piano buff, don't go without reading this piece of history in the making by Bruce Clark, a retired piano technician and Ampico serviceman. "It really is worth reading".

Dr. Clarence Hickman The man behind the Model "B" Ampico Re-producing piano

Nickel Plating Some interesting methods on doing your own, by members of the Mechanical Music Digest.

" History of the Player Piano" a brief history of the player by Robbie Rhodes

"A young persons view" Troy Taylor & Bryan Cather give you their experiences with Mechanical Music Musical Instruments, and how other people respond (there's pic's too!!!)

"Copying Music Rolls Hole for Hole" Wayne Stahnke talks here from experience.

Player Piano Associations in UK Names and addresses for the PPG and other sources.

Comprehensive List of Roll Manufacturers, Suppliers, etc

Excellent list of addresses and resource information. (this is extremely comprehensive - world wide)

I also have an interest in creating my own piano rolls using midi equipment and am currently researching ways to create a midi compatible roll cutter. If you have any ideas or information on this subject, or where to find some then please e-mail me.

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