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Following are some interesting and useful links to information and resources on the world wide web:

Home pages of other Mechanical Music Enthusiasts

Mechanical Music Press Exclusive distributor for the book "The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments."

The Fair Organ Preservation Society is an international organisation dedicated to promoting fairground organs and other mechanical musical instruments. Details are available on the site of how to join and the benefits members receive for their annual subscription in addition to articles published in the society's quarterly magzine, The Key Frame and lists of events worldwide.

AMICA'S Page Home Don't miss visiting the home page of home pages, where all good enthusiasts of mechanical music join.

Jill & Des Miller Piano Rolls All the selections of top piano rolls supplied or ordered to your satisfaction. So if your in Victoria Australia (or anywhere else for that matter) and your after rolls for the masses, give them a call.

Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments Check the home page of the Sydney group of collectors, and join their mailing list.

Cooling Miller Pianos Great Australian Site, being the only place where brand new player pianos can be bought here in Australia, and much more.

Ragtime Automated Music What a great site!! Don't forget to visit here, I only wish I had a bigger budget for this site.

John Tuttles Home page Check out Johns interesting page

Penumbra Music Download midi files of piano recordings by George Bogatko

Electro- Mechanical Piano's all you ever wanted to know about Yamaha Disklavier, Pianodisk and other modern Player piano's

Robert Hopp's Home page Organ Builder from Germany, also the inventor of "Amedaus" the roll Perforator ( it's worth checking out).

Musica Mecanica A great site all the way from Paris, France.

Mechantiques Is the country's (US) largest dealer in mechanical musical instruments. They buy, sell and trade all forms of mechanical musical instruments such as disc or cylinder type music boxes, musical clocks, coin operated pianos (often called nickelodeons or orchestrions), band organs, carousel organs, monkey organs, phonographs with horns, automata, mechanical singing birds, organettes, etc. - anything in antique mechanical music.

German Home page of Walter Tenten on Mechanical Musical Instruments.

Organbuilders in Waldkirch Check it out to see what our Organ builders are doing for a living.

CHESTERS ANTIQUES FOR MUSICAL BOXES great site in the UK if your in the market for any Mechanical Musical Instruments (prices included)

THE CAROUSEL ORGANISATION this web-site is worth a visit. It has lots of info: fairs, carousels, galopers, organs, recordings (downloadable samples), and so on.

Want to buy a Weber Maestro Now here's your chance, check out this site for sure.

James Brady Restorations This features disc & cylinder music boxes, automatons, reproducing pianos, orchestrions, and phonographs, some of which are very rare and unusual.

Reproducing Piano Sites & Rolls

Ampico Expression Curves Craig Brougher speaking of the differences between the Model A & B Ampico's.

Disassembling and Restoring Ampico Valve Blocks Another article by Graig Brougher, giving his ideas on restoring Ampico unit valves.

Ampico A and B Compatibility An article by Dave Saul speaking of the differences between the Model A & B Ampico's.

Piano Rolls for Reproducing Pianos Plenty of info on Reproducing Pianos

Patriot Piano Rolls Ampico and Duo-Art re-cuts available here

Other Piano Related Links

A META-ACTION FOR THE GRAND PIANO In 1981 I began working on the idea of operating a piano under computer control. Much time, money and youth was spent bringing this idea into the physical world. So I thought - what the heck - I'll begin documenting some of the highlights here.

THE QUEST FOR CLARITY - Great article on the "Stuart Piano". The first piano produced in Australia in over 70 years. This piano is a completly new design, first noted change in over100 years. Hearing this piano is something to be reckoned with.Read this file to get a better idea of what it's about. (here's the start of it).

SINCE 1970 Australians have imported 200,000 pianos, most of them are from European and Asian manufacturers. However, the basic design of these pianos has changed little during the past 80 years and, according to University of Newcastle researcher and piano designer, Mr Wayne Stuart, their distinctive sounds have not been modified since.

Bam-Bam Piano Rolls Information on Piano Rolls

Mastertouch Piano Roll Co. Piano rolls can now be ordered on the net from their Australian site, which is now on line.

Piano on the NET Piano Lessons on the NET (you will need Netscape 2.0 or greater to view the lessons here)

Piano Internet Resources FAQ

Hubbard Harpsichord's Inc. Harpsichord manufacturer on the net.

Steinway Home Page The name says it all

Tech Info Technical Information on the Piano, including care and regulation of the piano.

All about pianos All you ever needed to know about pianos

Piano Disk Check out their web site, full of the latest technolgy in re-producing piano's (well sort of), learn about fitting this marvell of technolgy to "your" piano.

Piano Accessories On-line which is in NEW York USA

You could also check out the newsgroup which is a good place to go if you need an answer to a particular question.

Links to learn about Mildura

Mildura today (Sunraysia) where I live.

Dried Fruit Industry If you want to know all about grape drying in my local area check this out.

History of Mildura To find out all about the history of this area click here.

Murray Darling Basin For more info on dried fruit and the wine industry all around Australia.

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