We have been established in the local area for over 50 years, servicing the construction needs of drainage and irrigation for most of this time. Our main line of work in recent times has been in goverment contracts doing drainage and irrigation pipeline rehabilitation works in the Sunraysia area. This has consisted of concrete and PVC water mains replacing existing open concrete channels. This type of work has been happening off and on, in different parts of the local area for around 30 years. Most recently is the Sunraysia Modernisation project 2015-2016.

In the last few years we have also been heavily involved in road construction works in the Sunraysia area. We have completed a number of projects consisting of lime and/or concrete stabilised roads ranging from simply reshaping and stabilising existing roads to preparing subgrades for 280mm thick asphalt in Vicroads intersections. 

We are also registered with the “Builders Practioners Board” http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/ for  Demolition of buildingsand structures up to 5 storeys, and have all the equipment & attachements to complete your project safely and on time.

Other State and Local goverment works consist of Road construction, sewer, drainage and general hire work. We also do general excavation to all parts of the local area, including projects such as:

  • Building slabs
  • Demolition
  • Levy Banks
  • Water Basins
  • Embankments
  • Channel Cleaning
  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Tree/Vine Remova