Based in Mildura, we are a family operated business operating for more than 55 years in a wide range of civil construction works from minor hourly rate works to major government infrastructure projects.

We pride ourselves on fostering positive and harmonious relationships to ensure a team dedicated to positive solutions and outcomes. Utilising modern construction technologies ensures the project is delivered on grade, on spec and in a timely manner, while still relying on quality workmanship and trade based skills. We put before you our proven history within the industry and our ability to project manage our trade to a highly professional standard.


We are certified to ISO (International Organisation for standardisation) for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and 45001:2018 OH&S Management Systems . At Waters Excavations, we strive for excellence in quality, occupational health and safety practices and a minimal environmental footprint across all of our projects.


At Waters Excavations, we have a wealth of experience in many project types including the following;

  • Pipe laying – including drainage, sewer, irrigation, town water mains and other pressurised systems. Materials include reinforced concrete, FRP, PVC, HDPE and ductile iron.
  • Precast and in-situ concrete works – including pits, head walls, regulator structures, driveways and kerb.
  • Road works – including gravel driveways, new road construction, car parks, road stabilisation & rehabilitation, sealing and asphalting.
  • General earthworks – including building pads, site leveling and bulk fill
  • Dam and levee bank construction – including lime stabilisation and HDPE lining
  • Pump stations – including mechanical and electrical works
  • Land clearing
  • Demolition – includes medium rise demolition licence up to 5 storeys in both Vic & NSW.
  • 3D design and GPS civil construction
  • Building slabs
  • Demolition
  • Levy Banks
  • Water Basins
  • Embankments
  • Channel Cleaning
  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Tree/Vine Removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Concrete, brick and asphalt recycling

We undertake projects for a wide range of clients in a wide range of value.

Clients include government organisations (councils, water authorities, catchment management authorities) and private business such as builders, primary producers and the like.

We have a proven history of managing the small hourly rate works, to contracts to the value of up to $5 million.


 We own a large fleet of mostly modern plant including excavators (1 tonne to 35 tonne), graders,
loaders, tippers, rollers, skid steers, water trucks, scraper, borer and others.
We also have available a range of excavator attachments including pulverisers,
sheers, rock breakers, rippers, augers and numerous buckets.
Several items of plant are available with GPS guided systems.
We can produce 3D modelled projects, built accurately with the least amount of rework.


 As part of our commitment to reduce waste, we operate a large range of quarry equipment to
crush and screen waste concrete, asphalt and brick generated from our projects.
As a licensed extractive mining company, we make a range of limestone products
available from our own local quarry.
Celebrating 50 years in business 2014 Waters Excavations Pty Ltd
Founders: Brothers John (left) and Peter Waters (middle)
Current Owners/Directors: John Waters and son Michael Waters (right)